Bible Tools Like Precious Jewels

Preacher Kong received Christ when he attended church with his wife.

SHANDONG, China – Kong Jinxiang has been volunteering in Christian service for over ten years. The 60-year-old is a lay preacher at Laopo Church in the Zhaozhuang District of Shandong Province, and began serving only a year after his conversion at the encouragement of his father-in-law.

“When I got married, I was not a believer. One Christmas, I went to church with my wife, who grew up in a Christian home. The message that day moved me, and I believed that Jesus really came to earth to save mankind.” he recounted about his conversion.

“After that, I began to attend church gatherings often,” Kong shared. “About a year later, my father-in-law told me that the church was short of preachers and suggested that I could help. But I had never been to Bible School, so I was hesitant to answer the call.”

Lay preacher Kong Jinxiang with the Bible tools he received.

Because few Biblical reference materials were available then, Kong used to look up old sermon collections and Bible correspondence course notes. Nevertheless, Kong is adamant about the importance of sound Biblical doctrine and was immensely grateful when he received a set of Bible tools from the United Bible Societies (UBS). “Receiving these Bible reference materials from UBS is like receiving precious jewels. I am very moved,” he said.

“My church has 600-700 members, most of whom are elderly. Many of them accepted Christ without much thought or understanding. My frequent exhortation is for them to take their faith seriously since they have chosen to believe,” said Kong.

Over the years, Kong has encountered both personal and professional challenges in his ministry. Five years ago, he met with an accident that required screws to be put in his knee. He has also been ridiculed by his ex-colleagues for his church involvement. However, none of this has dissuaded him from continuing to serve.

“My desire to serve God has not diminished,” said Kong, who draws his inspiration from the Word of God. “As it says in Psalm 125:1, those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion, which cannot be moved but abides forever.”

Kong is confident that he can use these Bible resources to serve God faithfully, particularly in the classes he conducts weekly for elderly residents. “In my remaining years, I am willing to live for my Lord and be used for His work.”

Story: Zhang Liqin
Translated: Angela Teo
Edited: Deborah Yuen
Photo:  UBS CP
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