A Life Transformed: Faith, Healing, and Hope

”Receiving the Bible was like getting a treasure. I cherish it very much.” Zou Xianqiong, Chongqing, China.

CHONGQING, China – In the unassuming county of Dianjiang, nestled among rolling hills and serene rivers, a remarkable story unfolds - a story of faith, healing, and hope. Zou Xianqiong, a devoted wife, and mother of two, appears to lead an ordinary life. Yet, within the walls of her unpretentious home, she has embarked on an extraordinary journey, not only reshaping her own path but also touching the lives of those around her.

Zou's life story veered unexpectedly during her thirties when she had breast hyperplasia with no cure. By God’s divine appointment, she met Aunt Zheng who led her to Christ. Her faith in Jesus not only healed her but also kindled a passion and commitment to share the good news of hope and salvation with those around her.

"Having been healed, I experience relief and comfort in God's grace. Initially, my husband embraced Christianity as well. However, after some time, he wavered. Influenced by his mother's superstitious beliefs, he distanced himself from Jesus," Zou shared, her voice tinged with sadness. "She labelled my faith a cult, causing him to discourage my religious practices, including reading the Bible."

Left with little choice, Zou sought solace in secrecy. During her husband's absence, she attended church meetings, met fellow believers, and immersed herself in reading the Bible that belonged to others.

“My husband's resistance weighs heavily on me. He often threatens divorce, citing our differing beliefs as a reason. I feel isolated and misunderstood,” Zou shared with tears, revealing both vulnerability and strength. Yet, she endured and her faith did not waver. "By God’s grace, I persevered."

"As Zou held her personal copy of the Bible, its contents spoke to her heart. The words of the Bible, once unfamiliar, now echoed her journey of faith, healing, and hope."

Amidst those trials, another challenge emerged: Zou experienced numbness in her hands that hindered her daily tasks. "Even simple activities like peeling a sweet potato was a challenge. Both the vegetable and knife would slip from my grasp!" In response, Zou turned to the Lord in prayers. Thankfully, through divine healing, her hands were restored, and their agility returned.

In 2021, a pivotal moment arrived. Zou's local church distributed free Bibles, with the support of the United Bible Societies (UBS). It was a turning point that would deepen her faith.

As Zou held her personal copy of the Bible, its contents spoke to her heart. The words of the Bible, once unfamiliar, now echoed her journey of faith, healing, and hope. This changed her outlook and softened her emotions. As she quietly engaged with the Bible, this also impacted those around her, showing that faith can transform.

One instance was in her interaction with her sister's elderly father-in-law. Despite seeking medical help for his persistent illness, his condition remained unchanged. Zou suggested to him to turn to God rather than rely solely on human methods. By faith, she fervently prayed for him and offered him a Bible. "Miraculously, he was healed," she recounted, her eyes gleaming as she recalled. "And his family, once steeped in superstition, now follows the path of Jesus."

Whilst Zou works hard to help others, she also patiently waits for the divine timing of her husband’s salvation. "Every day, I pray and ask the Holy Spirit to guide and change my husband's heart," she said. Zou also prays that she will build a strong spiritual foundation, weaving faith, healing, and hope into her everyday experiences, like threads in a fabric.

As UBS continues to support China's churches in their Bible ministry, we celebrate the transformative power of God's Word, evident in the lives of Zou and countless followers of Christ. Join us in prayer and gratitude for the remarkable work accomplished through this ministry - a work that continues to touch lives, inspire devotion, and kindle unwavering hope.


Story:  May Ang
Photos: UBSCP
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