A Vibrant Christian Community in Longtan, Chongqing


Located at the intersection of Hunan, Hubei, and Guizhou provinces, Longtan (龙潭) in south-eastern Chongqing is an old town rich in history and diverse ethnic cultures, especially those of the Tujia (土家) and Miao (苗) ethnic minority groups.

Despite its modest economic situation, Longtan's Christian community is deeply committed to their faith in God and His Word. From the enduring local church to the homes of dedicated believers, each photo tells a story of steadfast devotion and thriving faith centred on the powerful Word of God.

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A close-knit group of Christians from Longtan Fuyin Church gathers in a believer’s home to worship the Lord through songs and the reading of God’s Word.
The cross of the new building of Longtan Fuyin Church (top right) stands tall amid the tranquil streets of Longtan Ancient Town.
The original site of Longtan Fuyin Church, which is still in use, stands resiliently as a symbol of the enduring Christian faith since the arrival of Christianity to the town in the 1930s through Paul H. Bartel, a missionary of Christian and Missionary Alliance.
The believers of Longtan Fuyin Church, predominantly from the Tujia ethnic group (土家族), find a spiritual home in the embrace of their new church building.
A family of faith and miracles: Zhang Meizhen (centre), together with her husband and son, experienced God answering their prayers for healing, leading them to follow the Lord and cherish His Word.
Sitting quietly in her home, Zhao Pingxian ponders on the passages of the Bible as she spends time communing with the Lord.
In her humble kitchen, Guo Shurong finds consolation in the Scriptures which she reads in every spare moment. This is her secret to inner peace.
Despite having to share the few copies of the Bibles that they have among themselves, these Christians are eager to learn God’s Word together.
An inspiring elderly believer from a small group of the church, always ready with her Bible and songbook in her backpack, radiates joy and commitment to her faith.
Liu Yuxian, a faithful and resilient believer, stands outside her house with her Bible – her constant companion since her husband went home to be with the Lord.
A preacher ministers to a group of Christians in a believer's home, where the phrase, “God Loves the World” (神爱世人 shen ai shi ren), is prominently displayed on the wall, highlighting the Bible's core message.
Faces beaming with joy as these Christians of Longtan town set off from their Bible study session. Let us pray that they will continue to be sustained by the unchanging truth and reassuring message of the Bible.