Millions of Rural Chinese Christians Need Bibles

There has been an explosion in the growth of the Christian population in China. Today, according to some unofficial estimation, the number of Christians, since 1949, has increased by 37-fold!


This unprecedented exponential growth is fueled by the spread of the Word of God through the printing and distributing, preaching and teaching of the Bible.

But church leaders in China say that demand for the Bible is greater than what they have been able to print each year.

Most of China’s Christians live in rural areas and many need support to buy their own Bible.

As the number of new believers increases, the demand for Bibles continues to grow each year as well.

Moreover, Chinese Christians love to share the gospel by gifting Bibles for their pre-believing friends and kinsmen.

Furthermore, in the face of increasing threats from false teachings and heresies, the need is even more pressing for China’s Christians to have their own Bibles to read.

The Opportunity

Despite stricter implementation of policies and enforcement of regulations by the authorities, the Church in China is still allowed to print and distribute Bibles.

But the Church needs help in printing more affordable Bibles for believers and seekers during this window of opportunity!

The Difference

Every year, the Church in China need support for the printing of 1.8 million copies of the Bible.

Just USD 1.50 can help a Chinese own a copy of the Word of God!

How You Can Help


For more affordable Bibles to be printed, to be given to those who still do not have a copy, to new Christians so that they can be nurtured in their faith, and to those yet to know the Lord so that their hearts will be opened to God’s Word.


Towards the printing of more affordable Bibles in China – please write to [email protected] for information.


You can also give through your local Bible Society, designating your donation to “Bibles for China”. For a list of Bible Societies and their contact details, please visit this page.

The Impact

Li Yumei, a 64-year-old farmer, has a Bible which was published 50 years ago.  Li had come to faith through her mother. She inherited an old and worn-out Bible from her mother’s colleague who had since passed away. Like many other Christians in relatively poor rural areas, Yumei cannot afford a Bible.

Upon receiving her new Bible, Yumei was so moved that she started tearing up.

She asked if she could collect another copy for her youngest son. Her youngest son was badly injured by a farming tool at the age of three and Yumei had witnessed God healing him. Knowing that her son is seeking the truth in life, Yumei often encourages him through the scriptures, from Isaiah 41:10 which says – God is with him and will strengthen and help him.  She was overjoyed when another copy of the Bible was given to her for her son!