Ethnic Minority Language Bibles

Reading the Bible in one’s own mother tongue is important for growth and maturity in faith. UBS supports the Church in China in the translation, printing and distribution of ethnic minority language Bibles. To date, we are privileged to have helped complete the translation work of the following seven ethnic minority languages.

Ganyi Diglot Bible

Year Completed: 2023


Heiyi Bible

Year Completed: 2015


Wa Bible

Year Completed: 2015


Baiyi New Testament

Year Completed: 2015


Lisu Annotated Bible

Year Completed: 2013


East Lisu Bible

Year Completed: 2013

Dahua Miao Bible

Year Completed: 2008

Printing and Distribution

UBS also helps in printing and distributing other ethnic minority languages such as:

Lahu Bible


Jingpo Bible


Korean Bible