We believe the Bible is for everyone in China so we are working towards the day when everyone can access the Bible in the language and medium of their choice.
UBS China Partnership

Being a Wounded Healer

The healing and transformation that Pai Jianhua, a former drug addict, has experienced is an inspiring testimony of God's redemptive grace and power. He now serves in a Christian drug rehabilitation centre in Yunnan and had the opportunity to attend a Scripture-based Trauma Healing Facilitator Equipping Course where he learnt biblical principles and invaluable tools to help trauma victims with their inner struggles.

From Doubt to Conviction

For a long time, Zhao Yumei, a Wa ethnic minority believer, did not have a Bible in her own language and had some doubts about her faith that lingered on. The turning point in Zhao's journey of faith came when she finally received her first Wa Bible. As she delved into the pages of the Bible, its words, woven into the fabric of her native tongue, resonated deeply within her soul. She was captivated, and with every turn of the page, her faith grew stronger.
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Minzu University of China Successfully Organised the 5th Minzu Dialogue with United Bible Societies

The Academy of Religion at the Minzu University of China (MUC, 中央民族大学) held its 5th annual Minzu Dialogue on October 25, 2023 with co-organiser United Bible Societies (UBS), returning to an in-person Dialogue after two years of holding it online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. "Interpreting the Psalms in Our Everyday Life - Joys, Sorrows, and Hopes" was the theme of this year's Dialogue which saw esteemed scholars from China and UBS exchanging insights ideas and perspectives on the book of Psalms.

Bible Ministry Among Ethnic Minorities in Yunnan Province

Thank God for the vibrant ethnic minority churches in China that continue to grow spiritually as they feed on the Word of God. Through the faithful perseverance of various Bible translation teams, a few ethnic minority groups now have the Bible in their own heart languages. For those who are illiterate, Scripture literacy classes help them to learn how to read so that they may grow in their faith through Bible reading.

The Joy of Serving

As a Scripture Literacy teacher in her church, Ms. Du Chunhua has the blessing of sharing her joy of reading God's Word with others. She has also witnessed the spiritual growth of the students in her class as they learn to read the Word of God. Be inspired by their enthusiasm and find out how their newfound skills in literacy has helped them to grow in their faith.

A Summer Trip to China to Grow and Deepen Relationships with Our Church Partners

On 23 Jul to 2 Aug 2023, Dr Bernard Low (Co-Director, Ministry) led a delegation from the United Bible Societies China Partnership (UBSCP) to visit our ministry partners in Beijing, Shandong, Nanjing, and Shanghai. They had many fruitful meetings exchanging updates and exploring how UBSCP can better support the churches in China. We thank God for these partnerships which are anchored in mutual respect and trust, and for the honour and privilege we have to serve the churches in China to carry out their God-given mission.