Watch these video clips for a feel of the impact God’s Word has on believers throughout China!


Ministry Overview

Want to know what we do at United Bible Societies China Partnership? Watch these videos to find out.

Bible Distribution

Each year, UBS CP organizes several Bible distribution trips for various member Bible Societies and church groups. Watch these videos to see the joy and excitement of Chinese believers receiving their own copy of the Bible.

Bible Translation

Bible Translation is at the core of our Bible ministry in China. How much do you know about the ethnic minorities in China?

Nurturing and Discipleship

The future depends on the next generation. It's been said what one generation neglects, the next rejects. Work amongst the young is definitely urgent.

Training and Equipping

The current national average of ordained pastors to believers is 1:6700. Gain more insight into this challenge and find out how you can help.

Digital Scripture

Besides engaging in Bible translation, publication and distribution, UBS has also developed the Bible Moments App, a Chinese-English digital Bible to serve the needs of a growing class of digital mobile device users.

Scripture Literacy

Many believers in the rural regions of China are illiterate. Coming to faith in Christ brings to life their desire to read the Bible and UBS supports them through sponsoring Bible literacy programmes in needy villages.

Personal Testimonies

Coming to faith in Jesus Christ is a life changing experience for many Chinese. Watch and be moved by how God is reaching His beloved in this vast country.