No Reason Not to Serve Him

Liu Tingting teaches Systematic Theology and 20th Century Christian Theological Thought at Shandong Theological Seminary.

SHANDONG, CHINA – When Liu Tingting was 5 years old, she witnessed her mother lying on the bed, suffering in great pain.

“My mum had developed a heart problem due to overstraining. The whole family was very worried for her. Yet we couldn’t do anything as we were poor.”

Providentially, Tingting’s Grandaunt who was a Christian came to visit them and shared with them the gospel. She also encouraged them to seek healing from God.

“Since we were at our wit’s end, my parents gave it a try. And miraculously, my mum was healed! So the whole family was converted after that!” shared Tingting who is now 29.

Today, Tingting’s parents are serving as village lay preachers while Tingting teaches at the Shandong Seminary under the sponsorship of UBS.

“There’s no reason not to serve God when we have received such help from Him,” said Tingting. “Not only my mum experienced God’s help, my younger sister and my dad received much grace from God as well.”

Liu Tingting at the Shandong Theological Seminary where she spends her time preparing for classes. To help seminary teachers, UBS also donated Bible reference books to the library.
Grace upon Grace

Tingting’s younger sister was born with congenital cerebral palsy. Her parents were told that she would not survive beyond the first few years.

“But God sustained her and she’s 24 this year!”

How does it feel like to have a family member with cerebral palsy?

“It is difficult but we love her. Even though she cannot talk and doesn’t seem to be able to recognize anyone of us, she is a life given by God.”

Indeed, Tingting believes that each breath is given by God, including her father’s breath.

“My father was a construction worker and his job was making cement. A few years ago, he began to develop severe lung problem due to over inhalation of the cement dust.”

Praise God that today, her father is recovering well after quitting his job.

“Even though that means I’m the sole bread winner in the family, I believe that God’s grace will carry us through step by step, day by day. So support from UBS is a tremendous help to my family and me! God has never failed me. His grace is greater than any crisis my family and I have faced.”

Being a person of such great faith, does she have prayer needs? “Please pray that God will use me to help my students know the grace of God, to connect with Him and grow in intimacy with Him. Thank you!”

Story: Cynthia Oh
Edit: Angela Teo
Photo: Yeo Tan Tan
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