I’ve always wanted to be a Pastor: Wang

A beaming Wang tells why he’d always wanted to be a pastor. Photo: UBSCP/Yeo Tan Tan

Wang Huizhong, a lecturer at Yunnan Bible Seminary, was one of the four China Bible Scholars the United Bible Societies supported on a 3-week study attachment in Singapore’s Trinity Theological College.  In an exclusive interview with United Bible Societies China Partnership, Wang shares about his esteemed late granduncle Wang Zhiming, his personal faith journey and his 3-week study attachment with Singapore’s Trinity Theological College.

People always ask me about my granduncle, Wang Zhiming, first pastor to the then 3,000 strong Christians among the “Big Flowery” Miao ethnic group in Wuding County (Yunan Province). Wang Zhiming whose statue stands above the west entrance of Westminster Abbey was executed during the Cultural Revolution. Today, the 30,000 Miao Christians in Wuding County and many other Chinese Christians remembered Wang Zhiming reverently.

I grew up among Christian heavyweights; I am a third generation Christian. It is not surprising to anyone that I have always wanted to a pastor, a preacher and a Bible scholar when I grew up.

In the “Big Flowery” Miao ethnic group where a large number of my people are Christians, a pastor (or a preacher) is the community’s top career choice as this profession guarantees one a higher education level than the average Miao believer. My own father’s dream was to study in a Bible seminary but there had been no opportunity for him at that time. Imagine how my father jumped for joy when he learnt about my acceptance into the national level Theological Seminary at Nanjing in 1996.

When I entered senior high school, I mix around with many of my classmates who were non-Christians.  Secular education has also exposed me to the evolution theory against the Creation truths I grew up knowing and my faith was slightly affected. On hindsight, these ‘hiccups’ in my faith journey motivated me to enroll in a Bible seminary. I resolved to find answers to all these questions and a solution to all my queries. I found them all at the Bible seminary. I realized that one needs God in every turn and corner of our life’s journey. I cannot imagine a life without God; He is the answer to all of my problems and challenges in life. In particular, I found a lot of answers to my questions in the book of Psalms, my favorite book, especially in Psalms 8, 19, 139.

My 3-week study at TTC

When I looked back at these three weeks at TTC, I am very thankful that the training has exceeded my expectations. Mr Chan Yew Meng gave me a lot of guidance in structuring a course to teach 150 Psalms in 18 weeks. The vast library resources at TTC have also opened my eyes to a huge reservoir of Bible reference materials.

Beyond the Classroom

Beyond classroom learning, I witnessed for the first time how different Christian denominations worship God when I attend different church services. I now know more about the United Bible Societies’ worldwide fellowship and global ministry of Bible translation, publishing and distribution particularly in China, beyond the fact that they have helped in the translation and publishing of the Miao Bible in 2009.

Thank you, all of you who have supported the Bible ministries in China through UBS. And thank you for giving us the opportunity to come here.

Written by Pamela Choo