‘So What if I am born in a Catholic Family?’

Wang Yupeng, a fourth year student at the Beijing National Catholic Seminary leads a group of 10 believers in Bible Study at his church.

BEIJING, China — “Even though some of us are born into a Catholic family, it does not make all these Biblical ideas easier for us to understand. So as I learnt God’s Word in greater depth, there was a breakthrough in my knowledge of God,” says Wang Yupeng, a fourth year student at the Beijing National Catholic Seminary, from Jinan, Shandong Catholic Diocese.

When Wang was a young Catholic believer, he found the reading and understanding of the Bible challenging and difficult in the beginning, particularly the Creation story in Genesis and the Israelites’ understanding of Creation in Exodus. “Which is the truth?” he used to ask himself. “The Creation story as presented in the Bible or the knowledge of nature as taught in our Science’s classes at school?”

 Grateful for a chance to study at Seminary

“Thanks to the generosity of the donors from the United Bible Societies and to my teachers at the Seminary, through the classes I attended, I came to know more about the Bible. From what I learnt, I am now able to understand and “walk” into the Bible. Today, I am able to see how God’s precious Word is being worked out in my life as I seek after Him.

“I believe that with a deepened understanding of God and the Bible now, I’m able to be a better worker back in my home church; to preach more clearly and share more deeply with my fellow congregation members so that more will know God and His Word.

Catholic Church promoting Bible reading

“After the Second Vatican Council, the Catholic Church promoted and encouraged all Catholic believers to read the Bible.

“Subsequently, a group of about 10 believers in my church gathered daily to read the Bible or hear the Word of God from an audio player. After they have read the Bible, they would have a short sharing. Whenever I was there, I would lead them in the discussion. It is so encouraging for me to hear how the Bible is impacting the lives of each believer in today’s world as they share.

Need to direct non-believers to God

“Many people who do not know the Bible well may misinterpret God’s Word. So, I strongly urge those who have gained more understanding and knowledge of God’s word to direct others into a clearer understanding of God and His Will for mankind.”


Interview transcript extracted and translated by Chiong Min Lee
Edited: Pamela Choo
2014 © United Bible Societies, China Partnership