Minister Wang Zuoan led SARA delegation to visit Brazil

China Minister Wang Zuoan presented a plaque of appreciation to Revd Dr Rudi Zimmer, Chairman of UBS Global Board. Photo: UBSCP

At the joint invitation of the United Bible Societies (UBS) and Bible Society of Brazil, the delegation of the State Administration for Religious (SARA) led by Minister Wang Zuoan visited Brazil from 28 June to 2 July 2012. The delegation visited the Bible printing press of the Bible Society of Brazil in Sao Paulo and had a discussion with government officials of Social Development Secretariat of the State Government of Sao Paulo. In addition, the delegates visited places run by religious organizations for religious activities and social services.

Minister Wang met with Revd Dr Rudi Zimmer, UBS Global Board Chairman and also the Executive Director of Bible Society of Brazil. Minister Wang Zuoan highlighted the close relationship the Church in China has established with UBS since the early 1980s. The growth of the Bible ministry of the Chinese Church is inseparable from the support given by members of UBS, in which Bible Society of Brazil is also a member. It is because of UBS that the Church in China has strengthened her friendship with churches around the world.  Minister Wang specially mentioned the tremendous work done by Bible Society of Brazil in the area of social services. He said that this is an area that the Church in China can learn from to serve the country as its society develops economically and culturally. SARA will continue to support friendly exchanges and cooperation between the Church in China with UBS and the churches around the world.

During the visit to Brazil’s Social Development Secretariat of the State Government of Sao Paulo, Minister Wang met with the State Secretary of Social Development, Mr Nelson Luiz Baet Neves Filho. Minister Wang said that China and Brazil are developing nations with different local context but he noticed that there are some common issues faced by both nations in the process of development. Brazil, when resolving social issues, has paid attention to the role of religious organizations. The Chinese government has also stressed that religious organizations can play a positive role in contributing towards society’s economic and cultural development. Both countries can learn from each other. SARA will support dialogue among religious bodies around the world based on mutual respect, equality and friendship.

The Chinese Ambassador to Brazil, Mr Li Jinshang, met with the delegation during their stay in Brazil.



Original article in Chinese published by State Administration of Religious Affairs on 2 July 2012.

Translated by Ms Yeo Tan Tan, Communications Manager, UBS China Partnership.