Gospel of John and Jeremy Lin’s Testimony


Gave a Gospel Booklet, Led One Closer to God

(L)-(R) Zheng Yu Man, Chen Xiao Wei, Run Lifang gave Gospel booklets to their friends. Photo: UBSCP\ Ellyn Chan

Chen Xiaowei (25 years old) is a Master of Arts school student specializing in block printing. A young believer in Christ, Chen and her two Christian friends, Zheng Yuman and Run Lifang (both in their 20s) are enthusiastic about sharing their faith. Their church recently received boxes of the bilingual John’s Gospel booklets called A Living Hope. The booklet also contains a testimony of the American-Chinese NBA player Jeremy Lin. Between these friends, they have given out around 100 booklets to their non-believing friends.

The ladies share that people have been generally positive and receptive. Around 60% would accept and thank them for the booklets. The booklets have also helped to open up meaningful conversations. Some would ask questions and wanted to know more about God. Others enquired about directions for getting to church and the time of service. However, there were others who were disinterested. ‘Some were not receptive and would debate with us. I was even rebuked by an elderly person’ said Chen.  Despite rejection from some people, the ladies are not upset. Xiaowei sees this as a learning experience for her to trust God and not depend on her own efforts.

Zheng shares a story of a 35-year-old teacher who lives near their church. This teacher was troubled in life.  The teacher noticed that many joyful people would walk out of the church daily and she could not comprehend why this was so. One day, the teacher decided to walk into the church and was welcomed by Zheng.  She asked Zheng if the church had the answer to her problems in life. Zheng passed her John’s Gospel booklet with Jeremy Lin’s testimony. What she read touched her. She stayed on to join a small fellowship group meeting and felt joyful. Subsequently, this teacher gave her life to Jesus.

Wang, another non-believer who received the Gospel booklet, was moved by what she read and took the initiative to ask if she could visit a church. After she came to church, she was motivated to know more and has started to read the Bible.

Chen feels that the booklet with a testimony is a stepping-stone to knowing God. ‘People may not have the patience to read through the whole Gospel. With Jeremy Lin’s testimony as an opening, sharing how God’s Word has guided his life, people are attracted to read on.’

Chen too, has been encouraged by Jeremy’s testimony. As an art student specializing in block printing, she knows that her skills are unlike other popular artistic profession that can easily bring in a good income. But after reading Jeremy Lin’s testimony, she is at peace, realizing that if God has given her this path and skills, God will have a plan for her life. As for Zhen, she desires to see her family members saved and experience the joy of a Christian family like Jeremy Lin.

Gospel booklet containing John’s gospel & Jeremy Lin’s testimony. Photo: UBSCP

“A Living Hope” is a bilingual Gospel booklet created by United Bible Societies (UBS), containing American-Chinese NBA player Jeremy Lin’s testimony in Chinese and English, John’s Gospel in Today Chinese Version (TCV) and Good News Translation (GNT), published by Jiangsu CC/TSPM with the support of UBS. With grateful thanks to Good TV Broadcasting Corp for the use of Jeremy Lin’s testimony and photograph.

The Church in China is asking for more copies of this Gospel booklet. If you would like to contribute towards making this Gospel booklet available in China, please contact the Bible Society in your country and designate your gift to ‘UBS China Partnership – A Living Hope Gospel booklet’.

Written by Ms Yeo Tan Tan
Based on an interview by Ellyn Chan
Edited by Jenise Lee