Proclaiming God’s Word in China

The Proclaimer: “God’s Word in audio recording”
The Proclaimer: “God’s Word in audio recording”

A real-life account of how Proclaimers were used to share God’s Word in a rural church in China.

The Proclaimer is a digital audio player dedicated to playing God’s Word in the local heart language developed by Hosanna, Faith Comes By Hearing.

Imagine this scene: a 78 year-old lady sitting in front of a small black box which resembles a large transistor radio, in the comfort of a darkened living room, listening intently to the audio recording of the New Testament in her own heart language. She sits there day after day, night after night, enjoying this favorite pastime which by now has dethroned her former pursuit of watching television. She got so excited by the Gospel recording that the next night she invited her friends and neighbors to come over to her house and listen. Through these invitations, many of her friends and neighbors got a chance to hear the gospel for the first time; and through this channel a few of her friends embraced the Christian faith.

This real-life story took place in a small county named Funing, located in China’s Jiangsu Province.  Some time ago, a ministry tool known as the Proclaimers were donated by Hosanna through CCC/TSPM to needy Chinese Christians. This donation and project were facilitated by the United Bible Societies. Since the Proclaimer was developed primarily for the poor and illiterate people who may not have any other source to hear God’s Word, most of the Chinese churches who received the tool were in the rural areas where there were more elderly and physically less mobile believers.

Funing County has a population of 100,000 Christians – this is 10% of the total county population. However, the ratio of pastors to members is very small. With the Proclaimer, all those who are hungry to hear the word of God will get a chance to do so even if there was no available pastor to preach in the Sunday service.

Above: Chairman Zhou Li Wan (2nd from right) and church Elders listening intently to the Proclaimer
Above: Chairman Zhou Li Wan (2nd from right) and church Elders listening intently to the Proclaimer

Eighty year old Chairman Zhou Li Wan of the Funing CC/TSPM commented enthusiastically, saying, “Older members found the Proclaimer more user-friendly than a CD player. Its operational buttons are similar to a tape recorder or a simple transistor radio.” He added with a laugh, “And if I can operate this, anyone would be able to use it too!”

Chairman Zhou wants to convey his thanks to Hosanna as well as CCC/TSPM and UBS for their generosity and support. “What can I say, if not for the donors of the Proclaimer, our members need for God’s word will be left largely unmet!”

Written by Ms Pamela Choo
for United Bible Societies, China Partnership