Healed by God’s Power – Huang Mei’s Story

A smiling Huang Mei at APC

I had been unwell for a long time. Ever since my son was born, I experienced an unexplained coldness all over me. While most people around me wore shorts in the heat of summer, I had to don on thick layers of clothing. Once I was so sick physically, I could not make it to work.

My father, being a superstitious person, thought my sickness was caused by evil spirits. So he brought me to a doctor who knew both medicine and supernatural healing. After the diagnosis, the doctor said that it had nothing to do with evil spirits, rather it was Hepatitis B. Thereafter, the doctor advised me to send my son for a checkup to see if he had been infected as well. The results proved to be positive.

I was devastated. Everyone around me, be it my husband or my parents, was at a loss. I could no longer work and I had a child to look after. Both of us are carriers of Hepatitis B.

Turning Point
It was only then that I started to remember the Gospel message. Some time earlier, a Christian co-worker had shared the Gospel with me. But at that time I was only amused, thinking that no ordinary Chinese person would believe in Jesus. Now clinging onto any glimmer of hope presented to me, I remembered the message of Jesus’ Love and Healing Powers. So I started to pray to Him. Gradually I regained my health and I was able to return to work.

However, despite my recovery, I plunged into depression because of my son’s condition. Every morning I went to work, I would stare blankly at the walls in despair. No one has a solution and no one can fully understand my heart. Not even those closest to me.

One day, I told God that if He did not give me an answer, I would end my life. As I grabbed the Bible and turned the pages, I chanced upon a verse in Isaiah 58:8, “Then my favor will shine on you like the morning sun, and your wounds will be quickly healed” (GNT).  It was like God saying to me that the recovery of my son would hasten speedily. When I received this promise, I held onto it tightly. I would remind myself of this verse whenever I lack faith.

My husband was unemployed at that time and we had problems paying the mortgage. Whenever we had money, we would use it to buy medicine for our son. At times when we did not have much money, I had to believe God would take care of him. Early this year I had a prompting to bring my son for a checkup. When the report came back, my husband and I were ecstatic.  Our son was totally healed! God is faithful! Even now I would always remind my son that God had showed him great mercy.

Then there was another time when my son was down with a fever and his hearing was a little affected. He was so sad that I sang worship songs to him. Immediately he was filled with joy and eventually he was healed.

What the Bible means to Me

To me the Bible is “the lamp upon my feet, and light unto my path”.

I can recount countless of times when God has been faithful to me and my family. For all of God’s promises are true and He will never fail us. I have experienced His presence through these trials which have made me stronger. Although I may still be burdened with many worries, Matthew 11:28 says, “Come to me, all of you who are tired from carrying heavy loads, and I will give you rest” (GNT).  This is my favorite Bible verse.

Written by Ms Pamela Choo
for United Bible Societies, China Partnership
From an interview by Mr. Chris Neo, Volunteer with the UBS China Partnership