Water for God’s People

Mdm Liu Suqin (the person on the right) has been serving in Henan Tianguang Church faithfully since 1994. Every Sunday, she would go to Church early to make hot drinks to serve God’s people.

Worshippers began streaming into Henan Tianguang Church on a cold Sunday morning in October. Many would stop by a small table near the gate to get a hot drink to quench their thirst and to keep them warm and comfortable.  The lady who came early that morning to boil water for God’s people is Mdm Liu Suqin. She has performed this duty since 1994 when the Church was built. The joyful, chatty, hospitable, servant of the Lord shared her story on how she came to know Jesus.

She explained that she had very poor health in the past. Many friends persuaded her to seek God and attend church. This strong-willed lady would rebut sarcastically, “If people can get well by seeking God, then we would not need hospitals”. She refused. Her condition slowly worsened. At one stage, she was even coughing out blood. She took so much medication until her hand would shake in fear every time she had to force herself to gulp down a bowl of medicine. She finally gave up and told God, “I will stop taking my medication. If you will heal me within this month, I will believe”. God answered her. She was indeed healed within that same month. She gave her life to Jesus and started attending Church. Looking back now, she felt embarrassed that she had the audacity to speak with God in this manner, having no fear of the Almighty. She would not dare to now. She has now grown more mature, learning not to react anymore like a spoilt child.

Mdm Liu Suqin

Suqin’s first bible was purchased in 1987. She was disappointed to find that it was printed in the Traditional Chinese Script which looked very difficult. The word “Bible” written in the Traditional Script is 聖經. In Simplified Script is 圣经. Suqin was unable to read because she had very little education. She did not complete even her primary two level education. In her desperation and thirst for wanting to read God’s words, she knelt and cried, making her sorrows known to God. “What is the point of me buying the bible if I cannot read?” She lamented.  Through prayers and tears, faithfully attending Church, God answered and helped her. Suqin is now able to read most portions of the Bible. She is also very thankful that the Bible is now available in the Simplified Chinese Script. She could read and understand better, satisfying her thirst for God’s words.

Written by:
Ms YEO Tan Tan, Program Manager
United Bible Societies, China Partnership