UBS CP Connects With Amity Printing Company Virtually


On 1 November 2022, United Bible Society China Partnership (UBSCP) met Amity Printing Company (APC) over a virtual meeting. From UBSCP, Daniel Loh and Bernard Low, Co-Directors, Patsy Sng, HoD of and Cynthia Oh, Communication Manager attended the meeting. From APC’s side were Luke Liu, CEO, Fang Xiaodong, Assistant to the CEO and Rebecca Ren Juan, Public Relations Supervisor.

Daniel Loh, Co-Director (Operations), shared that he will be responsible for administration and operations, and Bernard Low, Co-Director (Ministry), will oversee relations with partners in China. The two Co-Directors picked up the leadership baton from Kua Wee Seng, the former UBSCP Director. Luke Liu expressed his delight in meeting the two Co-Directors and thanked UBS for the support over the years. Both sides had a good dialogue on the recent trends of Bible reading including the reading of both print and digital format in the rural and urban areas of China.

After giving a brief update on the Covid-19 situation in Nanjing, Luke Liu reported that from Jan to Nov 2022, APC has printed 16 million copies of the Bible, the highest in record since its inception in 1988. Out of the 16 million copies, 2.3 million were for the Churches in China. To date, APC has printed a total of 270 million copies of the Bibles and New Testament. APC is a joint venture between UBS and Amity Foundation established in 1988 in Nanjing, China, with the primary purpose of printing Bibles for the Churches in China. In recent years, it has also been working with Bible Societies and publishers to print Bibles and scriptural resources to serve churches overseas.

Luke Liu expressed his warm welcome for UBS to visit China again when the pandemic is over. In response, the UBSCP team said they looked forward to a face-to-face visit in the near future. Thank God for the warm exchanges and the opportunity to reconnect with APC. May the Lord continue to use APC to fulfil the Bible needs of the Churches in China and overseas. 

Report: UBS CP Communication Team