Reaching The Masses With A Pocket-Sized Gospel


HENAN, China – Being the most populous province in China, Henan has more than 100 000 000 people. Of these, 5 000 000   are Christians, 70% of whom are located in rural farming regions. With less than 13 000 preachers and pastors ministering among this vast number of people, Christian education and evangelism are big challenges.

As a means of providing accessible spiritual food and a convenient evangelistic tool for a growing population of young believers, the Henan CC/TSPM with UBS support, printed 100 000 copies of gospel booklets for distribution throughout 20 regions in the province. Entitled ‘GPS of Life’, this pocket-sized bilingual Gospel of John comes with a collection of quotes from Christian celebrities regarding their faith and ends with a step-by-step guide to becoming a Christian.

From August to November 2014, this booklet was given out at church events like youth camps and fellowship meetings, kindling the interest of young believers in Bible reading. Evangelistic events were also organized in order to put the Gospel booklet in the hands of as many pre-believers as possible. At the end of the distribution period, 20 000 copies had been given away to young pre-believers out of which nearly 1000 came to Christ through reading the booklet.  

Yang Weiping, 30, came to Christ through reading the GPS booklet
‘I was hospitalized and received this little Gospel booklet from some visiting Christians. Having nothing else to do on my sick bed, I read the GPS of Life booklet thoroughly. When I finished, I was filled with remorse at not having recognized God’s grace before. Now, I understand God’s love for sinners, including myself. I have struggled with living a morally upright life and have done wrong in many ways. God’s Word is powerful. Now, I want to walk closely with Him and live a holy life as His child. I have recommended this booklet to my friends. I hope God’s Word will bring them new life as well.’

Cover of Gospel booklet GPS of Life (GPS stands for Global Positioning System)

Li Weiwei, 22, participant at the Yanshishi Church Youth Summer Camp
‘Through the testimonies of famous people, I am encouraged to see that nothing on earth can be our perfect help except Jesus. By giving us a blueprint for our life and showing us the way we must go, He truly is the GPS of Life.’

Soon Zhongcheng, 28, member of the Youth Fellowship in Sheqixian Church
‘However technologically advanced modern life becomes, nothing can teach humankind to know the direction their life is to take. Neither can any scientific advancement bring true joy, peace and satisfaction. After reading the GPS of Life booklet, I felt assured that my soul had found his home in the heavenly Father’s home; like the prodigal son who returned and the lost sheep that was found. Like the water that became wine at the wedding in Cana, a life that knows and trusts God radically changes in its taste, function and value.’

Fan Mengen, 22, a young convert attending the Youth Fellowship at Weishixian Church
‘Through reading the GPS of Life booklet, I realized that spiritual food is found in the Bible, through Christ. Using the testimonies of celebrities, this booklet confirms that God really does lead and guide people, blessing them with faith, conviction and strength to persevere in adversity. I think the Gospel of John expresses God’s love for the world and His salvation plan very effectively. The booklet also offers the reader a step-by-step guide to knowing Jesus better so that a pre-believer is led gradually from ignorance into knowledge, then to comprehension and acceptance, finally to prayer and conversion.’

The Gospel in this handy booklet size has now travelled far and wide within Henan province. 100 000 copies in circulation has the potential of reaching greater numbers of people as it gets passed from person to person. It is staggering to think how a book this small and thin can have such impact. It is also a great encouragement to the church leadership in Henan to receive support from UBS making such a project possible. May God provide the necessary resources to put more Gospel booklets in print for the masses.


Story: Angela Teo
Edited: Cynthia Oh
Photo: Ellyn Chan/UBS CP
2015 © United Bible Societies China Partnership