2013 Sichuan Lushan Earthquake: UBS-Donated Bible Medical Van Came to the Rescue!

Bible medical van serving in Lushan earthquake zone. Photo: Luzhou CC/TSPM.

The Bible cum Medic van donated by the United Bible Societies to Luzhou Christian Council/Three-Self Patriotic Movement in September 2011 was once again put to good use in prompt response to the earthquake that shook Sichuan’s Lushan district on 20th April 2013.

The earthquake disaster area, Lushan district, is about 4 hours drive from the eastern part of Sichuan province, Luzhou City. The van was also previously deployed by Luzhou CC/TSPM to Yiliang area (which is in Yunnan province) during last year’s earthquake. [mappress mapid=”2″]

Rev Wang Hong, a pastor in Luzhou Christian Church, was a key member on the medical-rescue team in both earthquakes. He remarked that the UBS-donated van has proven to be a great vehicle to run the distance for such emergency situations.

Medical supplies uploaded into Luzhou Bible medical van for the earthquake zone. Photo: Luzhou CC/TSPM.

“The Bible Medic Van from UBS has come into great use! We used it to deliver medicine and send rescue workers immediately to the earthquake sites. Thank you very much for equipping us with such a good vehicle!”

April’s earthquake in Sichuan has damaged several churches and injured some church members. Thankfully, there were no known fatalities from any of the churches although the roofs of some churches have collapsed and others had cracks on the walls. Homes were more drastically affected.  More than five church members were rendered homeless when their houses were hit by the disaster.

Amazingly, one church building in Ya’an area remained intact and is now being used as a temporary shelter. Besides water and food, medicine and clothes are also needed urgently. The Church also hopes to put together a training session for ad-hoc trauma counsellors for the victims soon.