Sisters Mary and Clare: UBS is a Forerunner in Bible Ministry


Sister Mary: UBS is truly a leader and trendsetter in the area of Bible ministry and Bible publications — a forerunner, far exceeding my expectation especially in the area of children’s scriptural materials and Bible translation work. When my friends and I visited the UBS office (a simple office setup), my first thoughts were that UBS must have channeled all their funds into Bible ministry and not on rental of office space. I’m very impressed as I believe that UBS is really doing the work of God. I am especially grateful to UBS donors for their ongoing support and love, without which we are not where we are today.

Sister Clare: When we visited the United Bible Societies (UBS) office the other day, all of us were amazed at the extensiveness of the publications by UBS. One project that pleasantly surprised me was the Bible translation projects (e.g. the Miao (ethnic) language Bibles and Bibles for the visually impaired…etc). Although I grew up in an ethnic minority community and had Miao Christian schoolmates and friends, I have never seen them reading Miao Bible materials.  We were also impressed by the varieties of comic Bibles for children. I believe that through these comic Bibles, many children will be attracted to the Bible and desiring to know the Lord more.  These are great materials for Sunday school teachers and Bible teaching!  These specially designed booklets show your love and care for the Chinese people. Before I came to Singapore, I heard Shanghai Guang Qi Publisher (publishing arm of the Shanghai Catholic Diocese) has some Bibles and scriptural materials which UBS funded in terms of the Bible papers.  I am therefore very grateful to UBS, its donors and all involved. I admire the earnest, persistent, devoted and giving spirit of UBS.  I have tasted the attitude and spirit of Jesus’ disciples.  You, brothers and sisters at UBS are the answer! Thank you for giving.

Compiled by Pamela Choo
From interviews with Sister Mary Pan and Sister Clare Ren
for United Bible Societies, China Partnership