Financial Stewardship Bible (Chinese Edition)

Photo L to R: Rev Shan Weixiang (Vice President of China Christian Council) and Rev Hao Zhiqiang (Chief Editor of Tian Feng Magazine) unveiling the Financial Stewardship Bible, Chinese Edition.

SHANGHAI, CHINA – The China Christian Council/TSPM celebrated the launch of the Chinese edition of the Financial Stewardship Bible (FSB) on 12 June 2020.

At the launch, Vice President and General Secretary of China Christian Council (CCC), Rev Shan Weixiang spoke highly about the FSB, drawing attention to the special features like the over 2,000 verses on provision and stewardship which are highlighted in the Bible, and the 40-day devotional materials on the different themes related to wealth and stewardship.

The FSB also provides group Bible studies materials and sermon outlines relating to financial stewardship for the readers. Rev Shan acknowledged the support and help of United Bible Societies in the FSB publication.

Cover of the Financial Stewardship Bible

Mr Kua Wee Seng, Director of United Bible Societies China Partnership, said that the FSB, published by CCC/TSPM and printed by Amity Printing Company, is a blessing and help to the many Christians in China. It will help Chinese Christians to learn and apply the relevant Biblical teaching and principles to their Christian life and financial stewardship.

Mr Kua congratulated CCC/TSPM for this achievement and accomplishment and thanked American Bible Society for granting CCC/TSPM permission to publish and distribute the FSB Chinese edition in Mainland China.

The first print run of 5,000 copies of FSB were snapped up by the distribution centres for sales across China. A couple more print runs of the FSB have been further sold and distributed.

Here are a few of the feedback from users of the FSB.

“The Scripture references in the Financial Stewardship Bible have helped me apply the biblical principles of wealth management in my daily life.” – Sister Wang, Suzhou

“The 40-day journey of wealth management found in the appendix uses the effective model of ‘Pray, Read, Reflect, Respond’. It has helped me review my spending habits, and more importantly apply Biblical values in my understanding of finances.” – Sister Judith, Shenzhen

“I have learnt the importance of being grounded in the Lord’s teachings about wealth. I am more mindful of giving to His ministry and people, to be contented with what He has provided for me and to always seek the Lord’s will.” – Brother Anthony, Shenzhen

“The highlighted portions [in green] in the Financial Stewardship Bible allows me to locate the corresponding Scriptures easily… I have learnt more about the Biblical perspectives on wealth management.” – Brother Yu, Huai’an

Staff of the CCC/TSPM Media Publication Department involved in the launch of the Financial Stewardship Bible, Chinese Edition


Photos: CCC/TSPM
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