By Faith not by Sight


Mr. Li is so overjoyed to be given his first complete set of Braille Bible, donated by the United Bible Societies (UBS), that he wrote a simple worship song in thanksgiving to God and dedicated it to the UBS donors.

Li is the only blind member in his family. In fact, he felt that he was such a burden to his family that he had once tried to take his own life.

One of Li’s greatest enjoyment is reading the Braille Bible – a gift from the United Bible Societies.

By the grace of God, he did not die that day. God brought him out of ‘spiritual darkness’ to see His light when he heard a gospel preaching on an overseas broadcast. He heard that God loves him and wants to give an abundant life.

In John 8:12, Jesus said: “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” The Good News of salvation touched Li that there and then, he desired to invite God’s light into his life.

“God became the brightest morning star in my heart and I became the first Christian in my family,” said Li, aged 49. “Later, almost all my family members came to the faith, including my mother and brother.”

“When I accepted Jesus into my life, I’ve been filled with unspeakable hope and joy. I can’t stop sharing my faith with others. Consequently, some of my relatives and friends in the blind school I attend, came to know the Jesus as their Lord and Saviour too!”

Li wrote this worship song in thanksgiving to God and dedicated it to the UBS donors for the gift of his Braille Bible.
Gift of Braille Bibles

When Li first became a Christian, he was filled with a strong desire to read all of God’s Word but what he possessed then was only the Book of Psalms (in Braille).

“About six years ago, God answered my prayers when I received a complete set of the Braille Bible donated by the United Bible Societies (UBS). The full Braille Bible, comprising 32 volumes, was the most precious thing I’ve ever received! I can lose any other belongings but I can’t afford to lose my Braille Bible! I read the Bible every day and it’s so worn out that I could hardly feel the dots clearly.”

Many blind Christians in China are poor and are not able to pay for the full cost of a complete set of Braille Bible. “I thank all UBS donors for loving and caring for the blind Christians in China. Through your selfless giving, you’ve helped to bring true light to us who live in a darkened physical world, bringing hope to our lives.”

There are an estimated 17 million people in China who are visually challenged, of which more than 5 million suffer from total blindness. Many blind people have their emotional needs overlooked and may fall prey to intense loneliness and depression. 

Please pray for the work of the UBS China Partnership (CP) in supporting the Churches in China to make Braille Bibles available to all blind Christians in China desiring to read God’s Word. For the visually challenged Chinese Christians who have not learnt Braille, UBS CP supports the China’s churches to give out audio Bible players to these believers.

Story: Lydia Zhang and Pamela Choo
Photo: UBSCP
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