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SHENZHEN & SHANGHAI, China – As the world’s second largest economy, China doubtlessly plays a vital role in shaping and influencing the region and world’s economy. How then do Christian business owners and leaders in China make a positive impact in the business world and beyond? To seek some answers, Christian business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders and professional executives from different industries and churches met for a one-day “Business with Biblical Principles” dialogue session with invited guest speakers from Singapore and Hong Kong as well as to hear from local business people. (Photo: The dialogue session in Shanghai)

Learning to be Salt and Light

Held at Shenzhen and Shanghai, China’s key economic and trading centers, the dialogue sessions attracted over a hundred participants who shared and discussed running businesses with Biblical principles and making a positive Christian impact in the business world. The sessions were organized by Shenzhen Christian TSPM Business People Branch and YMCA Shanghai respectively with the support of United Bible Societies China Partnership (UBS CP). With the dialogue sessions, the organizers hope that Christian business people in China, a huge land with only 3% Christians, will be undergirded by Biblical principles to be the salt and light wherever God has placed them.

1st row, R-L: Chua Lip Wei, Alden Tan, Benjamin Ng, Kua Wee Seng and Xiao Chongfeng

Invited speakers from Singapore included Benjamin Ng, senior adviser and executive coach whose clients include Apple and Dell; Chua Lip Wei, a successful rice merchant and Alden Tan, managing director of Kopitiam Group – the largest food service management operator in the island city-state. From Hong Kong is Ignatius Lee, a former senior executive of a multi-national bank; now a founder of a consultancy company and senior trainer who has conducted workshops for Deutsche Bank and KPMG.

To a roomful of participants filled with palpable anticipation, the speakers shared on relevant topics and issues such as business ethics (drawing lessons from the OT prophet Daniel), being an effective Christian witness in the marketplace, and managing and balancing multiple roles in the family, workplace and church, often illustrating from their wealth of personal life experiences and testimonies.

Having role models and faith deepened

When asked which was the most helpful part of the session, Wang Ying, a financial consultant from Shenzhen, says she is very impressed and encouraged by Alden Tan’s testimony. “It’s inspiring how he honors God and reveals Christ likeness in his work and life.”

Lu Weihao, Board Chairman of a magnetic materials company in Shenzhen, says, “Chua Lip Wei sets a very good example for us in how he balances family, work and church life. He helps us see the importance of careful planning of our time. He’s my role model.”

Moderator of the dialogue session in Shanghai, Xiao Chongfeng, shares, “We thank God for Benjamin Ng who took time to guide the participants through passages in the Book of Daniel distilling the Biblical principles and Ignatius Lee who shared about recognizing God’s grace in one’s work life.”

Xiao Xichuan, CEO of a tea company in Shenzhen, says, “I benefitted tremendously from the sharing sessions. The speakers drove home some important God-honoring, Biblical principles and highlighted work place values like integrity, truthfulness and generosity.”

General Manager of a biological medicine company in Shanghai, Mao Xiaofu (left), says she enjoyed the Q & A session, sharing and interaction time which helped deepen her convictions as a Christian in the marketplace.

Lou Zhiqiang (right), General Manager of an agricultural company in Suzhou, says the dialogue session and sharing helps strengthen his faith and thinks that it should be held annually.

At the close of the sharing, Kua Wee Seng, UBS CP Director, upon request by the organizers, shared about the Bible ministry in China. It was an eye opener for the participants as they learned about the huge number of Bibles printed in China, the scope of UBS CP ministry and the great Bible needs in China.

We thank God for the dialogue sessions and pray that the participants would go on to be the salt and light of the business world and beyond.

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Story: Cynthia Oh
Edit: Angela Teo
Photos: UBS CP
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