Beijing Olympic 2008 & the Gospel


Photo: Cover of the Bilingual Four Gospels for Beijing Olympic 2008.

Elder Fu Xianwei, Chairman of CCC/TSPM, announced at the opening ceremony of the new Amity Printing Company on 18 May 2008 that CCC/TSPM has received the approval of the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee to use the emblem on the cover of a bilingual Four Gospels for athletes, coaches and officials participating in the Olympic Games.

Elder Fu said, “The year 2008 is special to APC and China. In less than 3 months, the Olympic will be held in Beijing. It is not only a sporting event but also to promote mutual understanding, sharing the message of peace and friendship with all the people around the world.” The Four Gospel special bilingual edition for the Olympic will be printed at APC.

Photo: Elder Fu Xianwei, Chairman of CCC/TSPM.
By UBS/ Yeo Tan Tan

Written by:

Ms. Yeo Tan Tan, Program Manager
United Bible Societies, China Partnership