A Life Transformed: From the Bottom of the Bottle to the Word of God

Through the reading of Scripture, Mr Sun Liujun was convicted of the transformative power of God’s Word.

SHANDONG, CHINA – Mr Sun Liujun, 49, is a lay preacher, and has served in his home church since 2012. This is a far cry from his previous days as a businessman, when excessive drinking was ingrained in his lifestyle. But the Word of God had completely turned things around. Sun’s transformation is a living testimony to the power of Scripture.

The Ways of the World

After he had left his service in the army, Sun decided to venture into the textile industry. Much of the business dealings involved heavy drinking with partners and clients for networking.

Through the years, Sun’s textile business prospered. He had to frequently host his business partners, clients and suppliers; these lavish affairs were often lined with expensive food, alcohol and cigarettes. This put immense financial pressure on him.

Many times, fast and heavy drinking during the business meals would end up in drunken brawls. Physical altercation was common. This, coupled with the high out-of-pocket expenses put a huge strain on Sun’s marriage.

Sun did not want this unhealthy lifestyle to destroy his life, health and marriage. But he did not know how to discontinue these practices, which were prevalent in the business sector.

The Transformation

Gravely concerned for Sun’s wellbeing, his mother encouraged him to visit the church again. Sun had grown up in an environment where fights took place between his parents in his teen years. He was dejected and lost, until an encounter at aged 16, changed his outlook.

One morning, on his way to the market, Sun fell from his bicycle and upon crashing to the ground, discovered a red-edged book right next to him. A book-lover, Sun brought the book home.

He soon realised that the book was a Bible. It hit him that there were Christians who lived in his village, whose behaviour, he recalled, was starkly different from the rest of the villagers. Intrigued, he approached the believers and asked to visit the local church. Through the Lord’s intervention, his parents came to receive the Lord; and their crumbling marriage was soon on the mend.

Sun heeded his mother’s encouragement, and he began to attend church services again after years of absence. Sun attended church services together with his mother during his youth days. Upon his return to the church, he was warmly welcomed by the church leaders. Initially, Sun was tasked to read the Scriptures aloud during services, as many of the attendees were illiterate. This progressed to memorising and copying Scripture. Sun was enthusiastic in this undertaking. The more he read the Bible, the more he realised it was not like any other book. He was humbled by God’s word; he marvelled at God’s wisdom through Solomon’s writings in the book of Proverbs. Sun dedicated to reading one chapter of the Bible each day.

Sun soon realised that that he should be one who ‘walks not in the counsel of the wicked’ (Psalms 1:1 ESV). He did not want to continue living in drunkenness and drinking parties (1 Peter 4:3). He had to break away from his old self.

Sun continued to meditate on God’s law, day and night. Studying the Scriptures daily was instrumental in the renewal of his mind, leading to a thorough reconstruction in his beliefs, values and lifestyle. Having personally experienced God’s faithfulness and grace in the lives of his parents and in his own, he was convicted of the transformative power of God’s Word.

Today, Sun is a lay preacher in the church. He is ardently devoted in sharing God’s word with his fellow church members.


Story: Marcus Xiao and Elaine Ho
Photo: UBS CP
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