Walks 9 Hours to Preach God’s Word


A testimony of a preacher, Long Xinrong, who ministers to believers living in mountainous regions in Yunnan Province.

Lay preacher, Long Xinrong, sharing God’s Word at the pulpit.

Thanks be to God! I would like to thank Christian leaders of the Yunnan Christian Council/ TSPM, as well as brothers and sisters from the United Bible Societies fellowship. Thank you for remembering the needs of the Christian community in Yunnan’s remote and mountainous areas, and the generous provision of a motorcycle, used in church ministry.

I graduated from the seminary in 2001, and have served in the church in my hometown ever since. The church I serve in consists of congregations of over 600 believers, gathering in seven different locations. Most of the members live in mountainous areas of more than 2,000 meters above sea level. Many families live on annual incomes of not more than USD 3,000 (19,640 Yuan), growing crops like potatoes and maize.

Itinerant ministry is a huge part of my work for the Lord, ministering to members located in different mountainous regions. It was common for me to walk up to four and a half hours, one way, to one location. A round trip would take up to as long as nine hours in walking! For the past 19 years, through fervent prayers, I cried out to the Lord, asking for His providence for a suitable means of transportation to aid in ministering to the communities I serve. Thank God that my prayers have been answered!

Long, with the motorcycle he received to aid in his ministry work.

Now, with the help of the motorcycle, the time I used to cover on foot (over four hours) has been reduced to just one hour! This has made ministry work much more effective, as I am now able to arrange teachings and house visits with more ease, increasing my capacity to minister to His people. I thank God for keeping me safe this entire period that I have been riding the motorcycle. I will continue to use the motorcycle in my service to the Lord and His people!

Since 2019, Christian cult groups have been on the rise in the region. To shepherd and disciple the flock that the Lord has entrusted to us, we need to remain vigilant, be discerning and be better equipped in the Word of God. I have planned and arranged for quarterly training programs for different groups of believers, and these efforts have been made possible with the motorcycle too.

Long, ministering to his church members. He is able to do so more frequently due to the convenience of being able to travel with much more ease due to the motorcycle he received.

I would like to ask for prayers for my wife. She has been silently supporting me through the almost 20 years in ministry work, by taking on all domestic chores and labouring in the field. She has also been faithfully serving in the church ministry, despite being plagued with poor health for the past five years. Please pray along with me that the Lord will continue to watch over my family and I, provide us with healthy and strong minds and bodies, so that we may serve God effectively! Amen!

We pray that the Churches in China will continue to preach, teach, share and spread the Word of God, by the Grace of the Lord, providing believers with spiritual food, strength and hope in all seasons of their lives.

Story: Marcus Xiao and Elaine Ho
Photos: UBS CP
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