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1. Faith the Same After 100 years

2. East Lisu New Testament


Please pray for the translation of the East Lisu old testament which is currently in progress.

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The East Lisu people received their New Testament and celebrated at Taogu Village. The hymn sung in the East Lisu language that you will hear was recorded during the celebration. The choir members were all farmers, praising God with their strong voices.

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We bring you a short thank you speech by Rev Yong Haiwen, an East Lisu pastor. On behalf of Yuanmo County Church in Yunnan Province, he wanted to thank all brothers and sisters who have given so much help and support to members of the East Lisu Bible Translation Team. His short speech was made in the East Lisu language.

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Ji Ailan (62 years old) walked 3 hours to get to Taogu Village Church, received her East Lisu New Testament & read Matthew 3 in her mother tongue for the first time.

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Yang Haiou, an East Lisu Translation team member, read to the congregation 1 Thess 5:16-24  in the East Lisu language for the first time.

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Videos by: UBSCP/Yeo Tan Tan