UBS Connects With CCC/TSPM Virtually


On 11 October 2022, leaders from United Bible Societies (UBS) and UBS China Partnership (UBS CP) were delighted to connect with leaders of long-time partner China Christian Council/ Three-Self Patriotic Movement (CCC/TSPM) over a virtual meeting.

At the meeting were Michael Perreau, the Director General of UBS, Kua Wee Seng, Advisor to UBS CP, Daniel Loh and Bernard Low, Co-Directors of UBS CP, Rev. Wu Wei, President of CCC, Rev. Shan Weixiang, the Vice President and General Secretary of CCC, and Gu Jingqin, Interim Director of CCC/TSPM’s Overseas Relations Department. Other staff from both sides were also in attendance.   

Michael Perreau of UBS introduced the two new leaders of UBS CP: Daniel Loh, Co-Director (Operations), will be responsible for administration and operations, and Bernard Low, Co-Director (Ministry), will oversee relations with partners in China. The two Co-Directors picked up the leadership baton from Kua Wee Seng, the former Director. After Daniel Loh and Bernard Low each gave a brief self-introduction, Michael Perreau, as the outgoing Director General of UBS, also shared his experiences and expressed thanksgiving for the privilege of serving in his role over the past years.

On behalf of CCC/TSPM, Rev. Wu Wei expressed that this virtual meeting was important and highly valued. He congratulated the two new UBS CP directors who came onboard. He then shared his respectful appreciation to Michael Perreau for his wisdom and valuable contributions towards the Chinese church ministries over the past years. Rev Wu also extended his gratitude to Kua Wee Seng for his many years of support and assistance to the Bible ministries in China. Rev. Wu hoped that UBS would continue to support the Churches in China and bear witness to a healthy church development in China. He welcomed UBS to visit China again when the pandemic is over.

Specially designed cover of a Bible published during the Mid-Autumn Festival

Rev. Shan Weixiang shared about the challenges facing the Churches in China today. In this new context, he felt that the Churches in China should continue to work on the Indigenization and Contextualization of Christianity to enable more people to understand the gospel of Christ. He gave the example of a special edition of the Bible that was published recently with a specially designed cover during the Mid-Autumn Festival – “Blooming Flowers and Full Moon” – featuring elements of Chinese culture. This initiative of a Bible cover with a Chinese festive theme gained great popularity.

Michael Perreau of UBS remarked that all people should be able to read and hear God’s Word in one’s own mother tongue and understand it in one’s own context. Kua Wee Seng then recalled the long-lasting relationship between UBS and CCC/TSPM and prayed for the future of the Bible ministries in China.

Praise God that UBS was able to meet with CCC/TSPM through this virtual meeting, thereby strengthening our bond and deepening our relationship with them to advance the cause of China Bible ministries.  Please continue to pray for this relationship to flourish and for travel restrictions to be eased soon so that both sides could have mutual visits once again.


Story : UBS CP Comms Team
Photos : UBS & CCC/TSPM
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