Suicide Plans Foiled by God’s hand

Qin clutching her precious Bible. Photo:UBSCP

It was meant to be her last day on earth.  She was afraid of the pain and suffering her illness brought to her. Nothing can stop her from taking her own life.  No one can stop her. At least that was what she thought… if not for God’s loving intervention.

Qin was a rich business woman. She led the high life: she dressed and traveled in style. She did not believe in God and had no need of Him. In 2005, her world collapsed when she lost her health. She was diagnosed with diabetes, renal illness and cirrhosis of the liver. Unable to accept the harsh reality of the prolonged suffering she would have to live through leading ultimately to death. Qin decided to end her life her way.

She set into motion her suicide plans. While determined to end it all, she was also afraid of the pain of dying. Therefore, she prepared 7 letters and 100 sleeping tablets. “Easier to swallow down the pills with some steamed buns”, she thought. While she was on her way to the steamed buns shop, her footsteps were halted by the warm greetings of a Christian friend. After speaking for a while, her friend started to share the gospel with her, telling her about knowing Jesus Christ, the Savior, the Healer. This friend then invited her to a church service. Qin found herself readily saying, “Yes!”

When the pastor came onto the pulpit, his scriptural reading was from Luke 8:50, “Don’t be afraid; only believe, and she will be well” (GNT). A great stirring was within Qin. Each word from the pastor was like God speaking directly to her…. piercing her soul. Qin immediately bought a Bible so that she could read Luke 8:50 again. Courage and hope returned to her. That same day, she put her trust in Jesus.

Saved from the brink of death, her life was never the same again. Qin would read the Bible every day, allowing the Word of God to saturate her mind. She never fails to attend the five AM prayer session daily in church. Her health gradually improved. Her spirits were lifted: knowing that God has blessed her far more than material things. From leading a high life and driving a BMW in the past, she now chooses to go around humbly in her bicycle. More importantly, she is no longer afraid of death. She knows she has eternal life.

Written by Pamela Choo & Yeo Tan Tan
for United Bible Societies, China Partnership