A Renewed Life through God’s Word

Consecrate them in the truth; your word is truth. John 17:17


LIAONING, China – Madam Wang Qiuhua, 53, did not have a personal copy of the Bible until she received one from her church with the support of United Bible Societies (UBS).

“I am very delighted to have my own copy of the Bible to read anytime and anywhere I want!” Wang shares excitedly. “God's Word is the truth and it is alive. It gives me strength to cope with the challenges in my daily life.”

Mdm Wang Qiuhua was delighted to have her own copy of the Bible.

Indeed, during the Covid-19 lockdown, God’s Word was an important source of strength and comfort for Wang. Making it a habit to read the Bible everyday, she was not overly anxious or worried. Instead, she meditated on God’s Word daily and her faith was strengthened. Together with her husband, they took turns to read the Bible verse by verse. Psalm 91 spoke to her specifically. She also applied biblical truths in her daily life especially in managing difficult relationships.

“I tend to be impulsive and would often quarrel with my husband and I did not get along well with his family. After reading the Bible, I was convicted and began to seek God's will, to have the mind of Christ (Philippians 2:5). I want to obey God’s Word,” Wang shared with conviction.

Renewed Trust in the Lord’s Guidance

Due to financial pressures, Wang once faced a dilemma whether to join her husband to work in another area away from home. But should she do so, this would have meant that nobody would care for her 86-year-old mother-in-law. In her struggle, Wang entrusted the matter to God. “I was prepared to submit to my husband if it’s God’s will for me to join him. I trusted the Lord to lead me in this matter.” Eventually, Wang did not join her husband due to her personal health issues and she stayed home to look after her mother-in-law.

Renewed Perspective on Finances

Wang’s transformed life enabled her to embrace her sister-in-law who moved in with them. “Though our family finances are limited, I was agreeable to host my sister-in-law."

"I’ve come to see that in poverty or in wealth, everything is in the Lord’s hand. And because He is with us, we are able to have real peace and not worry about finances.”

Praise God that Wang and her husband’s family are living harmoniously together and rejoicing in the Lord though they may not be rich by the world’s standards. Indeed, the Lord helped Wang to overcome her tendency to be calculative and granted her a magnanimous heart, enabling her to have the right perspective about finances.

God’s Word renewed Mdm Wang’s trust in the Lord and renewed her love for others.
Renewed Love for Others

In her renewed life, Wang grew in her love for others. She recently visited a neighbour who was very sick and had spent a fortune on medical bills. Despite some unpleasant experiences in the past with the neighbour, she was not deterred. “I desire to show the love of God to others, to let them see how attractive it is. I believe this is what the Lord wants.” God's Word inspires and empowers Wang to share the gospel of Jesus Christ in her own way.

Wang's renewed trust in the Lord, generosity with money, and love for others was something she had not imagined she could do, but she did it as her life was being transformed by the Word.

"God is healing me physically and my strength is being renewed day by day by His Word."

"I am thankful for God’s presence in my life. The truth in the Bible has set me free. Thanks to the support from UBS, the gift of a personal copy of the Bible is helping me to love God’s Word and live out His Word in my life,” said Wang with sincere appreciation.


Story : Priscilla Fan & May Ang
Photo: UBS CP
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