I Give My Bible Freely


‘Then Peter said, “Silver or gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you…..’ (Acts 3:6)

Ni (1st on left) performing in a band to welcome overseas friends to their church.

China – Ni , age 44, has been a Christian for ten years. He has a shy gentle manner and appears to be reserved. As he sits in a group waiting to share his testimony, Ni patiently speaks in turn and answers what has been asked of him. He is neither eloquent with words nor bursting with enthusiasm. It would be easy to bypass him for others who are more ready and willing to share.

“I came to faith when my mother fell ill,” says Ni shyly. Since then, he has been actively serving in church where he plays in the church band and helps with some teaching. He is a temporary worker and earns about 300RMB a month. Ni is single because he is too poor to get married.

Ni (right), wearing a military band uniform, believes in giving his best to God.

“I was given my first Bible,” says Ni adding that he has never bought any Bibles. Ni, is ever willing to give his copy away to people who are poorer or in need of one. He has never been concerned about giving his Bible away as he has realized that over the years when one Bible is given, somehow, God will provide him with another. This has allowed him to give and so far, Ni has given away five Bibles.

The Bible is a precious commodity for believers especially for those living in the countryside where Bibles are not easily accessible. For others like Ni, who live just on the poverty line with little income to spare, his gift of the Word to others in need, demonstrates his understanding of God’s love and compassion through the precious gift of a Bible. Just as he has freely received, Ni has also freely given.

Story: Jenise Lee
Photos: David Yu
Edited: Pamela Choo
2013 © United Bible Societies China Partnership