From Despondency to Hope


JINING, China – Du Jinyu felt despondent and lost. He was in his third job within one year of moving to Shanghai and had been defaulted on his wages by his employer.

Du was one of 281 million migrant workers from China’s rural areas working in one of its booming cities but it had not been what he imagined.

He started work in a property and real estate company but had now resigned to fate and found a temporary job in a factory. Nothing seemed to work out for him. The thought of going back to his hometown in Shandong province crossed his mind but his pride did not allow him to entertain it.

Du with the pocket-sized Bible where he found hope in life again through God’s Word.

One day, he found a pocket-sized Bible on a bed in his dormitory. Someone seemed to have left it behind.

“It was my first time reading the Bible. I was just browsing through it and chanced upon the story of Samson, the Judge. I was drawn to the storyline which has some similarities with Chinese Kungfu movies,” recalled Du, 27.

Coming from an atheistic background, Du had grown up denying the existence of God. When his mother and sister became Christians, he objected vehemently and tried all ways and means to dissuade them.

Now his heart softened.

Two months later, he returned to his hometown and attended church services and Bible training sessions at the encouragement of his mother. “I was initially still resistant at the idea of going for the trainings. But along the way, I discovered that I was hungering after the truth and my thirst was quenched!”

“I realised that I had been blinded by atheism to see only the physical world and material things, and to put all my hopes only on this life. Through the training and the love from believers, my heart was changed and I committed myself to the Lord.”

I may not possess great wealth in this life but I know that I will have no lack in God, the one true God.

Even though Du is not earning big bucks in glitzy Shanghai, he is happy. “I may not possess great wealth in this life but I know that I will have no lack in God, the one true God.”

Today, Du is being trained to be a lay worker in his church and is one of the 1400 recipients of Bible reference books supported by United Bible Societies in 2017. Since churches reopened in the late 80s, there has been a dearth of Bible resources and theological training to equip more labourers for the Church.

“Many thanks to UBS for the support it has shown to China’s theological education and for the efforts you have invested in the gospel work here. I pray for the continued development of UBS work and for God to bless all the staff and your family members with heavenly peace and joy!”

Story: UBS CP
Photo:  UBS CP
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