From Darkness To God’s Bright Light

Wu Qing tried many ways to salvage her marriage but to no avail. Photo: UBS CP/ Cynthia Oh

SHANGHAI, China – Three and a half years ago, Wu Qing would be found burning incense at the temples, trying out geomancy, kowtowing in a certain direction at home or wearing a talisman— all so that she could save her marriage.

“But all these didn’t help and my marriage still failed. I felt I was in utter darkness,” recalled Wu, 38, a sales manager with an MNC based in Shanghai.

Six months into the divorce, Wu Qing would come home from work every evening, feeling weighed down and stressed out by the burden of fending for herself and her daughter. She would lose her temper and even hit her daughter once, only to feel guilty about it later.

It was on one of those evenings that Wu, on the point of breaking down, got reconnected with her high school classmate, Zhu Daqian, online. “I told her, Zhu, ‘I am dying, please bring me to church!’” related Wu. Zhu, a Christian, had in fact given Wu her first Bible many years back which Wu had put aside.

Since her first visit to church, Wu’s life began to change.

“My first time to church felt like a long-awaited homecoming. I believe God has been preparing my heart to receive Him. I’ve finally found what I had been looking for all these years—unconditional love, complete forgiveness and acceptance that only God can give.”

Wu was so touched by God that she decided, on her second visit, to pray to receive Jesus into her life. A year later, she was baptised.

“Hearing God’s word really refreshed my soul. I felt as if I was ‘intoxicated’. Just a small cup of water would satisfy my parched soul deeply,” recalled Wu. The first book of the Bible that Wu read was the Gospel of John. “I was very touched by the love of God and cried uncontrollably. Zhu knows because I called to tell her!” shared Wu.

Since then, Wu has read through the entire Bible twice and is on to reading it the third time. “Now I am at the book of Exodus. I am humbled as I can identify with the sinful nature of the Israelites and at the same time grateful for the fatherly love God has towards His people. It’s a love that’s beyond earthly parental love.”

The knowledge of who God is has changed Wu’s perspective towards life. She has learned to continuously surrender and commit her burdens to her Heavenly Father. “Although life may continue to be difficult and tiring, my heart is refreshed because I can lay down my burdens to God. I know I can tell Him all my burdens.”

These days, Wu’s testimony set her apart from her colleagues at work. Even her clients commented, “Wu, are you really Chinese? Why are you so different from your co-workers?”

“I think most sales managers would seem profit-oriented and shrewd. I am more straightforward and open in dealing with my clients. Yet because of my straightforwardness, I’ve gained the trust of my clients and boss, and I am able to do well in my job too,” explained Wu whose boss has sent her on numerous business trips.

Wu Qing and her daughter reading the Bible. Photo: UBS CP/ Yeo Tan Tan

Besides her clients, Wu’s mother-in-law has also noticed the change in Wu who now treats her 13 year-old daughter with more patience. Wu’s life change has also led her mother-in-law to receive Christ a year ago.

Wu’s mother-in-law, recently baptised, takes care of Wu’s daughter on weekdays. “Though we are no longer in-laws, our relationship is like mother and daughter! Furthermore, we belong to the same family of God now, it’s really amazing.”

Comparing her days before and after she came to know God, Wu says, “The period before I came to know the Lord was really terrible and dark. Now that I am in the                                                                                      bright light of God, I never want to go back to darkness again.”

Story: Cynthia Oh
Edited: Pamela Choo
2015 © United Bible Societies China Partnership