Deepening her Bible Knowledge is the Best Act of Service

The Bible resources donated by UBS have helped Yu greatly in her study of God’s Word.

Baotou, Inner Mongolia – Yu Tong, 24, is a student at Baotou Bible Training Centre, which is set up by the Baotou City Christian Council/TSPM.

Yu enjoys going to the Bible Training Centre’s library to use the collection of Biblical resources. When she realised that most of the Biblical resources were donated by the United Bible Societies (UBS), she was immensely grateful to the donors.

“These Bible reference books are a helpful resource for both Bible teachers and students alike; they also help equip local pastors and church workers so that they can reach out to their congregants, some of whom face rampant false teachings. Chinese Christians are hungry for God’s Word but they are hesitant to buy Christian books for fear of false teachings. Therefore I am so grateful to UBS for giving us these Bible resources which teaches God’s truth accurately.”

She added that there are many believers who would love to read these books but are unable to do so as they cannot afford them. “Hence, the library is an answer to the prayers of many who thirst for God’s Word and desire to grow spiritually. As the library grows in its collection, more people can borrow books, thus creating a culture of Bible reading and study.”

The Biblical resources have given Yu a deeper understanding of her faith. “These books have given me a good theological understanding. Biblical concepts like ‘Trinity’ were something I couldn’t grasp previously and it was only after reading these books that I am beginning to understand a little bit more.”

Yu Tong said that her teachers would recommend books on exegesis to help students gain more insight into God’s truth. “To be honest, I am very young in my faith: I sometimes have difficulty understanding what the teachers are saying in the classroom. After reading these Bible reference materials, I am now able to make more sense of the teachers’ lectures.”

Yu’s desire to be rooted in God’s Word led her to enrol in the Bible Training Centre.
Her Journey to Baotou Bible Training Centre

Yu Tong was born in a Christian family; her maternal grandmother was the first Christian in the village. Starting from her grandmother’s generation, almost all the women in the family in the next generations believe in God. However, Yu Tong did not attend church growing up. Although she knew God exists, she did not read the Bible and did not have a personal relationship with God.

During her university days, she felt the need to know God more. So she contacted some Christian friends and joined them for Bible study. “They were the ones who brought me back to the faith. Through the fellowship, I felt the love of God’s family — we are not related by blood ties, yet we care for and love one another like real brothers and sisters.”

It was her friends in the fellowship that suggested she deepen her faith and knowledge of God’s Word by enrolling in Baotou Bible Training Centre upon graduating from university in 2019.

“For me, I am not really thinking about how much I can serve in the church as yet. Rather my first thought was to get myself grounded in the Bible. In light of prevalent heresies here, my priority is to be rooted in God’s Word so as to stand firm and resist false teachings. Perhaps this would be my act of service to God and to the Church,” shared Yu Tong with a smile.

We thank God for leading Yu Tong to study at Baotou Bible Training Centre. Let’s continue to pray for all students of the Bible Training Centre, that they may grow in their faith and knowledge of God’s Word and serve the Churches in China more effectively.


Story: Marcus Xiao and Pamela Choo
Photo: UBS CP
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