Bible Literacy Classes for Scripture Singing Sisters

Sun Yuying, 67, came to know Jesus when her mother-in-law brought her to church.

SHANDONG, China – Did you know that Paul’s Letter to the Romans, the sixth book in the New Testament could be sung?

Sun Yuying, 67, and Sun Yingli, 55, participants of a Scripture Literacy Class run by the local church and supported by the United Bible Societies (UBS), left me dumbfounded when they started singing the Book of Romans.

This pair of joyful sisters showed me that one could sing other books of the Bible not just the book of Psalms!

“You just need to put melody into the words. It’s that simple!” Said Yingli, who works as a school canteen cook.

(Photo from left to right) Sun Yuying, 67, and Sun Yingli, 55, love to sing the Scriptures.

One may find it hard to imagine that this pair of sisters were barely able to read or write before they became Christians and attended the Scripture Literacy Class.

“In 1983, my mother-in-law brought me to church. I was immediately attracted to the joy and peace of the Christians around me!” recalled Yuying, the elder sister who lives in a village in Shandong and was a corn farmer before her retirement a few years ago.

After coming to know Christ, she then shared the good news to her mother and sisters.

“Praise God that over the years, they have all come to receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour!” said Yuying with a big smile on her face. They now attend a church in their village in Zibo county.

Like many of their peers who were born in the 1950s, the Sun sisters did not have a chance to go to school. But that did not stop them from learning to read God’s Word and knowing Him.

The two sisters slowly learnt to read the Bible over the years by attending church services and Bible reading sessions at believers’ homes. In fact, Yuying’s home is one of the meeting points where a number of believers will gather every mid-week for prayer and Bible reading.

The joy of salvation was evident in Yuying as she shared about her love for the Bible. “The Word of God is life and light. I used to struggle with bad temper. Now because of God’s Word in me, I’ve better self-control. People say I’m gentler now. As the Bible says in 2 Timothy 3:16, “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness.”

Free Bibles Sponsored by UBS

The Sun sisters were overjoyed when the church recently gave out free Bibles sponsored by UBS for their Bible literacy classes. “We are thankful to the kindness of our overseas brothers and sisters.”

“Scripture literacy classes not only teach us how to read and write, but more importantly, they also teach us about God’s truth. And God’s truth protects us from the lies of the evil one,” said Yingli.

We thank God for the “Singing Sun Sisters” and for their love for God’s Word and we pray that they will continue to be “like the tree that is planted by the streams of water” (Psalm 1:3).


Story: Cynthia Oh
Edit: Pamela Choo
Photos: Yeo Tan Tan
2020 © United Bible Societies China Partnership