Touched by God’s Love — Yang Chen’s Story

Yang Chen at APC

I will always be grateful to a female co-worker, Xie, for leading me to Christ. The first time I met Xie, I was put off by her brusqueness. However, some time later, I noticed an amazing change in her life. I was told she has embraced the Christian faith. It was during the time when there were some changes to my job scope. Some of my colleagues and I were assigned to work on the machines. As it was very tough work, many of us complained a great deal. Only Xie worked without grumbling. She was like a totally different person altogether: from a blunt and caustic person to one with a quiet and gentle spirit.

Turning Point
One time when everyone was idling around and complaining about work, they started to make fun of Xie, asking her to explain why God was not making their work life easier. Not one to be offended by their insinuations, she just walked over to them and shared the Gospel. She shared about a Father in heaven who loved us so much that He created us in his image.

I did not know why but after listening to what she had shared, I was so touched by His love for us I had to hold back my tears, as there were many people around me. I did not understand why I felt that way as I was not “normally” an emotional person. I could sit through a sad movie unaffected while most people would be crying uncontrollably. When I asked Xie to tell me more about God’s love, she told me that if I were to believe in Jesus, we would then become sisters-in-Christ, a relationship that was even closer than natural sisters. I was stunned.

Some time later, together with some of my co-workers, we visited Xie’s church. I guess I was the most attentive one in our group and the only one who continued to attend church services thereafter. I remembered that prior to my second church visit I was informed that the service venue had changed to a further location. I was reluctant to go then as it was raining. As I was hesitating, my son—who was very young then—broke up unexpectedly into a song– a hymn which he did not know before. As he had never once attended church, this was an unusual phenomenon. God was calling me to His church that day!

What the Bible Means to Me
When I became a Christian in 2000, I was very fascinated with the Bible. When I was not on duty at work, I could read the Bible all day without getting bored. Initially, God will lead me to the book of the prophets. After reading them, I was afraid of the things that would happen at the end of times. One night after reading about Noah’s Ark, I had a dream about the destruction of the world. I was very afraid then, so I went to church the next day, which was a Sunday.

As a new believer in Christ, I could not stop reading the Bible. Moreover, as I often receive visions of the end times, that motivated me to share the Gospel to others. To me, the Bible is the source of encouragement and direction. When I first joined this factory, I was very lonely. Reading the Bible gave me a lot of comfort. In addition, the Bible is my guide: whenever I feel a little lost in life, I will read it for direction.

My Thanksgiving
I would first like to thank God, and then the donors from UBS (United Bible Societies). At the gospel rally last December, UBS sponsored 100 copies of the Jesus Film and hundreds of Bibles. We were very thankful because without their assistance, we would have to pay a lot just to get these materials. Now these Bibles were given away free of charge to new believers. On behalf of our brothers and sisters in the faith, especially those who had accepted the gospel at the rally, I would like to thank the UBS donors once again.

Written by Ms Pamela Choo,
for United Bible Societies, China Partnership
From an interview by Mr. Chris Neo, Volunteer with the UBS China Partnership