A Gift: Lives Impacted


“I am 65 this year. The content of A Gift is very meaningful to me.  I can testify that what is written in the book is a true reflection of what I have been through in my 65 years of living. It is a great book; good for educating young people,” shares Guo.

A group of ladies browsing through “A Gift” with interest. Photo: Jiangsu CC/TSPM

A Gift was designed and created by the Bible Society of Singapore (BSS), to address hard-core issues of life relevant to today’s modern society. It is a booklet that presents the gospel message in a comic form, helpful to those wanting to share the Good News.

In 2009, with the support of the United Bible Societies, the Bible Society of Singapore (BSS) gave royalty-free permission to Jiangsu Christian Council/Three-Self Patriotic Movement to reproduce and distribute several thousand copies of A Gift in China. This generous act is to support the Chinese church in meeting the desires of the Chinese Christians to reach out to their neighbors and friends.  The result was far reaching.

Rev Li of Jiangsu CC/TSPM who is in charge of the printing and distribution says, “Praise God for opening this new avenue of outreach. A Gift’s concise and handy design attracts and captures the attention of the busy crowds in the Chinese society today.  We noted that this booklet is especially useful for pre-believers who are seeking to know more about Christianity. Undoubtedly, this booklet is an excellent tool for sowing seeds for the gospel.”

God and Science
Many young readers were surprised that A Gift not only stipulated the existence of God but that many famous scientists had been believers as well.

“This booklet says that many scientists are Christian? I didn’t know this before as I have this deep impression that Science and God cannot co-exist!” says Xu Gang, an 18 year-old High School graduate.

Another 18 year-old student observes, “This is the first time I read that some scientists named in this booklet are Christians.  The life histories of these scientists are available in my school textbooks, but no one has ever told me that they believed in God! “

“Grandma brought home a copy of A Gift. I chanced upon it and found that it is rather attractive. As a student, I think this booklet is useful in increasing my knowledge.  I think that there is a God as the existence of human being testifies to that,” comments Jun Tao, a 19 year-old high school student.

A Gift given out in church. Photo: Jiangsu CC/TSPM

Teaching Good Values to Young People 
Sunday school teachers found A Gift useful as teaching material. 23-years old Teacher Pu says, “It can be used to enhance literacy levels in children and it also helps them face life’s transitions in future by addressing some of life’s crucial issues.”

Young students like 12-year old Wang Longyu who received the booklet at her Sunday School said that she was attracted to the illustrations in A Gift.  “Though I am still young and I am only attending Sunday school, and do not have much knowledge of the Bible, I am still able to understand the message presented in this booklet.  I hope that similar booklets can be printed for young people of my age group.”

Prompting Pre-Believers
Pre-believers found A Gift a true reflection of life and it also provokes those to think of the true meaning of life. “This book is a true reflection of our life’s experiences—sorrow, exhaustion, pressure, troubles and sufferings. However we will have eternal life if we receive Christ as our Savior and Lord!” This was a feedback from an anonymous 40 year-old non-Christian. Another pre-believer (age 55) also praised A Gift for not being too content-heavy, but “very enlightening as it reminds readers to consider the meaning of life.”

Understanding for New Believers
For new believers of the faith, the booklet presents the message in a simple and concise way. 40 year-old Ni remarks, “I usually visit the church with older folks. I don’t really understand the preacher most of the time.  After reading this booklet, I am beginning to understand what it means to believe in Jesus. It is a good book; simple and concise!”

“I am a church volunteer; my wish is to study the Bible diligently. However, I am always busy working on the farm that I hardly have time to read God’s Word.  This booklet is very suitable for a young believer like me. It helps me understand my faith better,” observes Zhang Chuan Jun, 46 years old.

All in all, A Gift has presented the gospel message in an effective way — using comic illustrations and thought-provoking words. Most readers in China liked its presentation, simple and concise. Its illustrative content has also captured the readership of the young and the less literate. Thank God for BSS’s generosity and the successful printing and distribution of the booklet in Jiangsu province.

Written by Ms. Pamela Choo and Ms. YEO Tan Tan
for United Bible Societies, China Partnership
Testimonies translated by Ms. Ng Hwee Hong