A Bible for a New Believer

Yuan Guiying received her first Bible sponsored by the United Bible Societies in 2018.

HEBEI, China – One can hardly believe that 65-year-old Granny Yuan Guiying was once a heavy smoker who spent her days without a care for anything or anyone other than playing mah-jong and dancing!

About a year ago, Yuan’s life was transformed due to a crisis that rocked her family life. Her son-in-law met with a serious car accident and was fighting for his life in the hospital. Yuan’s daughter remembered her friend sharing with her about the Good News – about Jesus Christ who came to heal and to save. In her desperation, she prayed, “Dear Jesus Christ, please heal my husband and I’ll believe in you.”

Miraculously Yuan’s son-in-law began to recover so quickly that Yuan’s daughter was convinced that Christ had indeed answered her prayer. She put her faith in Christ and persuaded her mother, Yuan, to do so.

Her First Bible Sponsored by UBS

As she witnessed her son-in-law’s healing and her daughter’s faith, Yuan Guiying began to take an interest in finding out more about the Christian God. Instead of going for mah-jong parties during her free time, Yuan started to attend church and participated in church activities.

“Jesus changed me and made my life meaningful,” Yuan added that she gave her life to Christ and was baptised last year.

Shortly after her baptism, Yuan received a pleasant surprise. Her local church would be distributing free Bibles donated by the United Bible Societies to church members.

She would never forget that day when she beheld her first Bible. “This is my first Bible. I was a little overwhelmed when I held it in my hands, thinking to myself that this is no ordinary book, it is the Word of God!” She recalled with delight, adding, “Now my favourite pastime is reading the Bible. The Word of God gave me real satisfaction and joy which cannot be derived from dancing or winning at mah-jong tables.”

The more Yuan reads her Bible, the more she is convinced that God’s Word teaches a man how to live a life pleasing to God.

But Yuan did not stop at just reading the Word, she enjoys memorizing the scripture. “My favourite verse in the Bible is from Psalm 91:14 ‘Because he holds fast to me in love, I will deliver him; I will protect him, because he knows my name.’ That’s why I changed from loving the world to loving God.”

Clutching her Bible tightly, Yuan Guiying thanked Bible Societies donors for her first Bible. “Thank you for this gift of the Bible! You have given us, the Chinese people, access to the door of salvation. I am convinced that through prayers, more people could be saved by reading the Word of God. Amen!”

Written by: Lydia Zhang and Hwee Khim
Edited by: Pamela Choo
Photo: UBSCP
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